Welcome to the fast lane. Your options are many and varied and here we will try and explain what they all mean.

Capped: Capped ADSL is where most people start. Your data had a “cap” on it. If you exceed your purchased cap, your account will cease to work. You will need to call us and we can arrange more data for you immediately.

Uncapped: As it implies, the uncapped internet service provides no limit on data usage. The usage is monitored on a rolling ten day period and does not reset at the beginning of each month. Customers are rated on a progressive scale. As a user’s usage increases, their priority on the network drops. Customers with very high usage will be shaped during busy periods. Should usage remain less than 80% of the average user for each product, the service will remain unaffected. However, should individual usage exceed 80% of the average usage for the respective product, shaping or moderation is implemented via download throttling and priority control. These will first be applied to all file sharing protocols. Should usage continue to be high, additional shaping will be implemented via manipulation of throttling and priority control. Usage that occurs between midnight and 6a.m does not contribute to the calculation of the usage/FUP mentioned above. Hence, if users do all “heavy” downloads during this time, it is likely that they will be unaffected by the FUP above. This service allows two concurrent connections per account. If used concurrently, the Peak Information Rate (PIR) will be halved between the two connections.

Example: If there are 10 users on a 10240 Consumer Connect service and the combined traffic for the last 10 days is 1000 GB, hence an average of 100 GB per user. Three users did over 100 GB, 1 user did 90 GB and the remaining six users did under 60 GB. With the threshold set at 80%, then the average in this case is 80 GB (80% of 100GB). In this scenario, the 3 users that did over 100 gigs and the 1 user who did 90 gigs will have their relative priority to file sharing throttled until they fall below the 20% of high end users.
Checks on usage are done hourly and is based on a 10 day rolling window. The rolling window does not reset at month end.

Unshaped: In the event that you have a need for high bandwidth usage but can’t afford the slow-down of being shaped, you can purchase an uncapped account that is unshaped, for a premium.

Static IP: Very handy if you want reliable remote access to your environment from outside. You can then run a mail server, game server or simply have remote access to your file server.

Leased lines: An expensive option with the best copper-line performance. These options, either with ADSL or Telkom TDiS, offer your LAN the best speed, uncapped and unshaped ADSL data available in South Africa. They come standard with your own range of multiple fixed IP addresses that are unique to you.

Fibre: Currently, a new and very expensive option. This is an exceptional business tool that easily supports a large number of machines. It is a synchronous connection (same upload and download speed) and the future of DSL.