August 2017. With Lasernet now gathering momentum, Fibre in Knysna is getting a massive boost in the right direction. You have way more options than you think. Telkom is NOT the only way to get Fibre to your home or business, and you’re going to battle to match our service levels.

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ADSL Network under pressure

Subject: Southern Region (Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and surrounds)
Posted: Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 13:36 PM
Message: Due to a large increase in usage and the current release of Windows updates, we are experiencing increased latency and intermittent speed related issues during peak times in the Southern Region(Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and surrounds). We are optimising our network traffic so that the impact on our clients real-time internet experience is least affected. The good news is that we are awaiting the completion of our network upgrade for this region which we anticipate will be completed mid to late next week.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and greatly appreciate your patience during this time.

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URGENT – Mail being returned to sender

If you are getting mail bounced back to you with the following error:
550 This message contains malware (Win.Exploit.CVE_2016_3316-1)
then  the chances are good that you need to do the latest Windows update.

Please see the following links for info. Short story – Office has a critical update and you are required to install that update in order for your attachments (word and excel) to be passed through most mail servers.



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ADSL Network issues

This from our backbone providers – please note that the new Windows 10 update mechanism prefers not to offer update options and thus can cause massive network congestion.

We have experienced a sharp increase in network usage due to the latest windows update that was released yesterday. We are experiencing intermittent speed issues and latency increases. Our engineers are doing everything possible to try and mitigate the impact on our network. We thank you for your patience. We would suggest updating your windows over night to reduce the impact it has on your day to day activities on the net.

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Telkom Email problem

Clients using Telkom as their ISP may notice issues downloading their email. I have seen my hosting clients who use TELKOM ISP battling to download large emails (anything over 500kb) from the servers. If you use ANY other ISP, you will see that there is no problem on our side. Plug in your Mobile Dongle and your mail will fly in, but go back to using your Telkom ISP account and you will struggle. This has been ongoing since Wednesday or Thursday last week (4th of November 2015).
If you need an different ISP for ADSL connectivity, let us know and we can give you some prices for capped or uncapped.

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Zero traffic issue – UPDATE

As of 9.30am today (29th Oct 2015), the issue has been sorted out. Thank you for your patience if you were affected.

Users who have been battling with zero traffic throughput despite being online – Technicians have found the error and are resolving it as we speak. I am told that by 11am today (Thursday 29th October), they will have it all sorted out.

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Apple iOs update nightmare for POP3 users

An update for all i-OS users. Apple has released a patch to fix the email deleted issue. Your email will remain deleted, but apparently it will not happen any more.

Good luck!!


Hello dear clients. If you use an Apple iPad or phone, this is URGENT and relevant. Please don’t ignore this because it WILL affect you and you WILL lose your email.

I have had a client who upgraded her iPad to iOS 9 and then received an error when trying to view some received mail, but far more importantly, some of her sent invoices.
When checking her sent mail, she sees who and when it was sent to, but in the body of the email where her text used to live, she sees, “the message has not been downloaded from the server”.

So, we poured through the Net and it would seem that it is a HUGE issue. I have identified at least 4 other separate threads on the apple forums as well as numerous threads on other forums.  I will attempt to précis them here and also provide links so you can read through my sources yourselves.  Note there is, as always, a significant amount of duff information, guessing and questionable fact obscuring the useful evidence.

1. This issue only appears to be affecting people with email accounts set up for pop/smtp.

2. Following upgrade to iOS 9 / iOS 9.01 and possibly the 9.1 beta as well, email content is removed from the iOS device resulting in a sudden decrease in the storage required for the mail app.

3. Emails that may have been present on the device for many months and accessed multiple times in both the inbox and sent items will be randomly replaced with the basic placeholder information (similar to a IMAP case prior to download) but with the body and attachments replaced by the statement: This message has not been downloaded from the server.

4. Deleting the account and setting it up again from scratch does not resolve the issue and will result in the loss of all the email placeholders – further increasing your loss of knowledge so you can’t even work out what you’ve lost (tried it with one of my 4 accounts – won’t be doing any more of them).  I forwarded a lost message that was held on my iMac archive back to the newly set up pop/smtp account and it appeared and was accessible for about 12 hours before reverting to ‘This message has not….

5. Switching the account to IMAP if you go for a delete and re-setup will also result in the loss of all the email placeholders but will ‘probably’ solve the problem (within the limitations of IMAP) for future emails.

6. This affects all iOS devices – iPads (all gens on iOS 9) iPhones (all gens on iOS 9).  It is not affecting the same email accounts on our OS X machines (an iMac)

7. This issue affects you irrespective of you country, internet provider or email provider – the discriminator is the use of pop/smtp.  It is disappointing that a number of apple customers have paid for support and been palmed off with this as a possible cause.

8. pop/smtp is not legacy or backward compared to imap it is just different.  We use pop/smtp for 3 reasons: we don’t want emails left on the server where a questionably secure environment could be compromised; our family want the ability to all download the same email to multiple devices without affecting each others ability to do so; we want one master device (the main iMac) to be the deleting device that holds the archive of all emails (right now we are very pleased we have this as all the iOS devices are scorched earth right now).

9. Some emails appear unaffected – I cannot identify any rhyme or reason to this.  Old, new, addressee, – there doesn’t seem to be a pattern. Can’t say for certain but it seems that more are being affected as time goes on.  If you are affected and you have the only copy of an email currently and you are going to need it again…..get it somewhere else ASAP!!!

10. If this has affected you then you need to fill in the apple feedback page with your confirmed symptoms and the impact if you want anything to be done.  Follow this link and do it now or apple pop users will remain without a fix!  I recommend do one for each type of iOS device you have affected and the mail app itself.


Here are the other apple forum threads related to this issue – maybe someone else is familiar with a clever way to link them all up – please do so if you know how:






And from outside the apple forum:


http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=&t=1543947&mid=0&nmt=IOS+9+an d+POP+acounts

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Telkom down

At 11H52 today, people started dropping off-line. We are aware of the problem and trying to find out what has happened, and more importantly, what is being done about it. Will re-post as soon as we know.

Thanks for your patience

13H50 and still no resolution.

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