Fibre to the home (FTTH) is here. After the fires, the pressure is on! Openserve have been going flat-out to replace all burnt infrastructure, and Lasernet is pushing hard and quickly to get their network covering the CBD and other areas. The result is Knysna is getting quality fibre fast! Great news for the consumer.
I am pleased to announce that Cyber Perk will be offering all available platforms and after very fruitful meetings with the Lasernet crew, I am confident that they have everything required to allow us to provide you with a quality, fast connection. Please note that the installation fees are 50% off while trenching is being done in your area, so best apply ASAP.
Give us a call or pop into the office in Pledge Square to find out more and when your home will be fibre-ready, as well as the costs involved.
Remember, you do NOT need a land-line to get fibre, like you did with ADSL.