How to Update Database Connection strings

How to Update Database Connection strings

Edit connection strings via FTP program:

  1. Make an FTP connection to your domain with your FTP program..
  2. Locate the public_html directory. (In most programs you will be able to ‘double click’ to access this folder).
  3. Locate the applicable configuration file for your database eg. configuration.php.
    • For WordPress please edit wp-config.php
    • For Joomla please edit configuration.php
  4. Download this file to your local computer.
  5. Open the file in Notepad or a text editor of your choice and search for the information (hostname, database name, username and password) you wish to change.
  6. Replace all instances of the old information with the new details e.g. old passwords with new passwords.
  7. Save your changes.
  8. Upload the updated configuration file with your FTP program to replace the current one.

Edit connection strings via File Manager:

  1. Browse to konsoleH ( and login
  2. Select or search for the applicable domain name.
  3. Click Manage Services from the left-hand menu
  4. Select File Manager under Services
  5. Within File Manager select the configuration file and select Edit from the right hand menu.
  6. Search for the information you wish to change, replace and click on Save.

Should you be familiar with Telnet or SSH you may wish to access and edit the configuration files directly on the hosting server.