Microsoft error “hoax calls”

More and more clients have been calling us to enquire about the possible error their computer has, as told to them by “Microsoft”.
Please be well aware that this is nothing more than a hoax to attempt to frighten you into giving them remote access to your computer. Once they have achieved that goal, they lock you out of your computer and then, when you are prompted for a password, they inform you that to get past this “safety stage”, you need to pay them. In fact, they have put the password into your registry which can not be accessed without that password. Very simple.

Some basic rules – NEVER ever give someone remote access to your computer unless you know them personally. EVER!
Your computer is not infecting the internet. Your computer is more than likely not about to die. Please understand that Microsoft does not call people at their homes to tell them about errors that they have. I had a call today from a client who was told his Windows was causing issues when in fact, he runs on an Apple Mac. No Windows in there, but still the thief got aggravated and called him a liar. They WILL attempt to intimidate you – either have fun and run with it to waste their time, or practice your most foul language and hang up.

If you have any questions, call us on 044 382 7547.