Mobile Data

We can now offer you Mobile Data Sims with contract pricing and no contract! No Out of Bundle prices. No shattering shock at the end of the month.
Take out the SIM in your iPad or Android tablet and replace it with one of these SIMs (we have the regular and Micro SIMs in stock) and start saving today!

Have a look and find something that suits you. The SIMs are R30.00 each and I will help you set it up.
Check these new prices – effective immediately (from 11 September 2014).


500Mb           R49.00
1Gb                  R79.00
2Gb                  R139.00
3Gb                  R179.00
4Gb                  R249.00
5Gb                  R299.00
6Gb                  R349.00
8Gb                  R485.00
10Gb               R549.00
12Gb               R685.00
16Gb               R865.00
20Gb               R1050.00
24Gb               R1299.00

If you run out of data and need a little top-up, these are your options

500Mb           R59.00
1Gb                  R99.00
2Gb                  R179.00
3Gb                  R249.00
4Gb                  R349.00
5Gb                  R399.00
6Gb                  R499.00
8Gb                  R685.00
10Gb               R799.00
12Gb               R985.00
16Gb               R1265.00
20Gb               R1550.00
24Gb               R1899.00

Please note that these SIM cards are all subject to the usual RICA laws and rules. We need your ID book (Green bar-coded), you in person (We HAVE to see the user of the SIM) and a bank statement no older than three months. We have no choice – the penalties for not getting this information from you are quite harsh.