Fibre access.
FTTH (Fibre To The Home) has finally become a reality in South Africa. Knysna is looking to be the first fully-fibre enabled town in SA. Some suburbs are already on and Telkom are squirreling away to get it all done.
Capped and uncapped offerings, as well as combo deals where the line and data is combined to offer a better end cost are available.
Consider using your fibre access to watch TV (Netflix, Showmax etc), Internet, VoIP and a host of emerging services will make the new fibre a superb offering in no time. No fixed term contracts as usual.

Capped ADSL
Capped ADSL is fast and never throttled. You pay for a limited amount of data every month, and in the event of your exceeding your purchased amount, the connection stops working. You need to call for us to top up your data. It is then working again within minutes.

Uncapped ADSL
Uncapped ADSL is unlimited. You have the benefit of knowing that you will never be shut off. You do have the risk of being throttled if you use more than the national average (Please check the ADSL page for more detailed info) but the peace of mind that you will not be cut off.

Business Uncapped ADSL
Business Uncapped ADSL has more data allocated to it, and the business protocols are given priority. A premium product for the serious buyer.

ADSL Lines
We can provision your ADSL line for you. We are cheaper than the national carrier and we can monitor and check the line for you. No more being misunderstood, and you always know who you are talking to.

ADSL Combos
We combine your ADSL line rental and ADSL data connection which allows us to give it to you at a more competitive rate.

ADSL Modems and FIxed IP Addresses
If you need a fixed IP address, we can provide you with one. You need an ADSL router that supports L2TP, and can sell you one of those as well.

Hosting and domain Registration
Come to us and have your business or name registered as a .com, or whatever you please. With 19 years experience in the hosting field, you are in safe hands. Your domain, email and website will enjoy exceptional up-time, daily back-ups, firewalls, anti-virus and anti-hacking measures.