NNB Rexford Exchange issues NNB

Clients who live in Fisher Haven, Hunter’s Home, Rexford, Leisure Isle and the Heads have been experiencing ADSL issues after the power cuts. When the power returns, lots of you have been battling to connect to the internet – you see your router Internet light remain off or red. After a week of pulling my hair out, I have managed to get a technician who confirmed that their is in fact a problem on the 044 384 Rexford exchange. A DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Manager) has decided to give up and is causing a snowball slowdown effect.

When the power comes back on, there is a mass of requests to get back online. All ADSL users have their modems power up, and their modems all request to authenticate within a few minutes of the power returning. As you can imagine, that is a fairly heavy demand for a strong system, and the system in place should handle it just fine, but one of the DSLAMs is not working properly and is causing a ripple effect as it fails the incoming requests. they have many DLSAMs for load balancing, and if one fails, the chaos is impressive. This has caused some of my clients to stay off line for the better part of 3 days now.

They are aware and they are working hard to restore service to the 384 Rexford exchange. I an sorry for the inconvenience and wish there was something I could do, but those that can are working on it as a matter of extreme urgency. Updates will follow as soon as I know more.