Scam calls about your PC health

I have had three calls today from concerned clients. They have been telephoned by a “concerned” Microsoft technician to warn them that their computers are in dire danger and infesting the internet with all manner of evil things.

Firstly, let me be clear – there is NO WAY that Microsoft would take time out of their billion dollar schedule to check on YOUR computer. It just is not going to happen. They DO NOT care. Nobody from Microsoft is calling.
Your computer is NOT trashing the internet. Companies all over the world spend millions every year to safeguard their systems, and the internet is pretty robust. Your little home PC is never going to be a threat to the internet. It would be much like a 4 year old throwing his marble at the ground in the hope that it will tear the earth apart.
Please… I repeat, PLEASE do NOT give someone remote access to your computer. Ever. You give me access because you know me and have dealt with me for years, but someone over the telephone? Common sense SCREAMS at you here – don’t do it!

If you have any doubt, here are a few links: – this has a fun audio file with a call in it.
Microsoft blogs
More Microsoft info

Please excercise common sense and feel free to be paranoid. If you do feel compelled to give them your details, they will remotely lock your PC and then demand a credit card payment to unlock it again. It’s that simple.
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