We offer a comprehensive selection of options to get you onto the Internet. We start with the most common and work our way down to the least used.

The ADSL network in South Africa has undergone dramatic changes in the last few years. From the arrival of our uncapped to the increasing line speeds, there has been a major shift to ADSL as it has become more and more affordable. Here are some options.

Uncapped Home: Uncapped Home ADSL is for the user who really doesn’t want to watch their cap. You will be throttled if you start downloading heavily (torrents etc) and your performance will get noticeably slower as the backbone tries to bring you back in line with the national average. This is an excellent option for moderate users.

Uncapped Work: Uncapped Work ADSL has a higher allocation – you won’t be throttled as quickly. It is meant for business so they are not expecting you to be downloading movies, but rather using a lot more data than a home user for legitimate work. An excellent option for SMEs.

Uncapped Unshaped: This is a premium ADSL service which will not see you being throttled. You should have free reign, but you pay dearly for this option.

Capped ADSL: Still the fastest ADSL option, completely unshaped. If you are using less than 20Gb per month, this has now become an attractive option because you get the full benefit of your line speed without the throttling that uncapped imposes. Obviously, if you do use it for downloading, it’s going to get pricey.

We offer a line rental option that when combined with your uncapped makes it a very worthwhile option.

We can still provide ISDN lines, but they are very uncommon and only really used for PABX systems.

Analogue Dial-Up.
For the areas where ADSL is just not an option.

We host domains, web sites and email. There is nothing that we can’t offer you in the hosting arena. We have opted for a simpler hosting plan that covers everything, and additional add-on features for the larger clients. Your hosting will include FTP Access, web space, email boxes which includes webmail access, anti-virus and anti spam measures, out of office replies and countless aliases. Our servers are Linux-based and have PHP support with mySQL databases. We support WordPress and Joomla as well as the other basic editors like DreamWeaver.

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