We have added a set of links to useful Windows 10 tips and tricks to make it a more user-friendly OS. Have a look and please feel free to email us if you have something you might like others to hear about that we may have neglected here.

A lot of the support you need can now be done remotely with our custom TeamViewer tool. Please click on this¬†and select “Run” for instant gratification or “Save” if you would rather install the application for more than one use. We would prefer you to save and install it as there is every chance that you’ll need it again. It is worth noting that some web browsers automatically save this small file, so please check the bottom left (Explorer and Chrome and top left for Firefox) for the install file to click on to proceed with the installation.
Please note that this is not a free service. We will not charge you for an ISP related issue that is not your fault or cause, but for configuration issues or general PC help, you will be billed and invoiced at the regular hourly rate (or part thereof). If we did not invoice for telephonic IT support, we would have no time for anything else! Thank you for your understanding Рwe are confident that you will be happy with the result.

Below are links to help you set up your mail.

Outlook 2003
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2010+
Outlook Express
Windows Live Mail

While there are additional mail clients, we have listed the most common here. Please call us if you don’t find yours here and we will assist you with your mail setup.

Please be aware of scams via the telephone. If someone calls to tell you that your computer is “infecting the Internet” or “broken and needs their help”, please hang up. they claim to be from Microsoft – they are not.


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