Mail Mac

Setting up or editing a POP email account in Mac Mail.
Depending on your software version, your screens may appear a bit different, but the setting will be the same.

Go to: Mail -> Preferences

Go to Mail - Preferences

Click on the “Accounts” tab and make sure that “Account Information” is highlighted.¬†If you have no account set up, click on the little + sign at the bottom left.
Please make sure that it is a POP account and NOT IMAP. Enter your information as shown below, making sure you use your details.

Click the *Server Settings…* button at the bottom for SMTP settings.

Enter your details

The server is, Server port: 587, and DONT check the SSL box. Authentication should be “Password” and enter your full email address as your User Name and the Email password we gave you.

SMTP server settings

Then click on the “Advanced” tab.
The important part of this screen is the bottom: Authentication: None, Port: 110 and No to SSL.