Mail Outlook Express

Setting up a new POP account in Microsoft Outlook Express.

Open Outlook Express. Click on “Tools” and “Accounts”

Tools - Accounts

Click on the “Mail” tab and select “Add” on the right hand side.



From the “Add” menu, select “Mail”

Add Mail


Select a Display Name. This is what people see when they receive an email from you, so for the most part, just use your name. Click Next.

Display Name

Enter your email address, in full. Click Next

Your email address

Enter the server settings, as shown below. Click Next.

Incoming and Outgoing server settings

Please enter your account name (it is your full email address) and your password given to you by Cyber Perk. Click on Next.

Account name and Password


Click on “Finish”.


The settings are not complete yet. If you try to send mail, it will fail because there are a few more steps. You will be back at the “Internet Settings” page, and you should now see your new account listed.

Account Settings

Click on “Properties”


Your Properties window re-opens, with the 5 tabs available to you. Click on the “Servers” tab.

Click Servers

At the bottom left, click on the “My server requires authentication” box to put a tick inside it. Then click on “Settings” to the right of that.

Click the settings button

Do not change anything here. Leave the “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” button ticked. Click OK.

Use same settings

Select the Advanced tab. Change the Outgoing mail (SMTP) port from 25 to 587. Click Apply and then click OK

change port 25 to 587

Click on Close

Click Close

That is it. You can now send and receive your email.