Mail Webmail

To go online and receive your Cyber Perk Webmail, please open your web browser of choice (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer etc) and in the Address Bar (NOT the search field) type in and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Click on the “Webmail” icon in the middle left of the screen. DO NOT click on the screwdriver. You will be taken to the following screen.

Webmail link

Please enter your email address and email password given to you by Cyber Perk. If it fails, re-enter carefully or call support on 044 382 7547.

Address and password


Click the Webmail Login link below and to the right of the password field.
Assuming you have the correct address and password combination, you will be directed into your webmail. Here you can receive, read and send mail.


Please also note that there is a “Spambucket” folder which we urge you to check once a week. If there is mail in there, check it to make sure that no legitimate mail has been sent there. You can either create a new filter rule to let it through in the future, or call support and we can create a rule for you.

Spambucket mail

The spam filtering has been refined over years and the rules are auto-updated daily to try and keep you spam-free as much as possible. Please use it frequently to assist us in keeping you free from spam without removing real emails.