Mail Windows Live Mail

Setting up a new POP email account in Microsoft Windows Live Mail

Oopen Windows Live Mail. From the tabs along the top,¬†choose “Accounts”. Click on the @+ option to add a new account.

Add your email account

The “Add your email accounts” Screen opens. Please add your email address and password given to you by Cyber Perk. Add a display name (your own name is usually used). Please also click to tick the “Manually configure server settings” check box and click on “Next”

Add your email accounts

Enter all your details as shown below (Use your address) and change the Outgoing port from 25 to 587. Check the “Requires authentication” checkbox.

Server settings

Click on Finish. You will see your Windows Live Mail blank page. It may start receiving mail, but in order to send mail, there are a few more steps. Making sure that your new mail is highlighted, click on “Properties”


Make sure that everything is as you would expect. You should not need to change anything here.

The account properties

Click on the Servers tab. Make sure that the “My server requires authentication” check box is ticked, and if not, click in it to make your mark!

Outgoing server requires authentication

Click the Advanced tab. Please change the Outgoing mail (SMTP) from 25 to 587 and UNCHECK the “Leave copy of message on server” option at the bottom. Click on “Apply”.

SMTP to 587

Click on OK and close. You are now ready to receive and send mail.