Windows 10 Tips

I have been using and supporting Windows 10 for some time now, and am always on the lookout for handy and useful tips and tricks. Below is a list of links that will make a HUGE difference to your getting to grips with Windows 10.
I have put a small description of the tip, and then the link. In the link is a comprehensive description of what to do.

Win 10 downloads updates without your control. this helps you regain a little control:
Choose your Windows Updates times

In order to preserve bandwidth, please look at the following link and make sure the option is OFF!
Shared upates must be OFF.

Fine tune your start menu
Finer control over Start

Customise your right hand menu – the blocks!
User-friendly block menus

Shortcuts to frequently used Apps and programs
Keyboard shortcuts!

That is it for the basic hints for now. I will keep adding to this page and growing it to make your Windows 10 transition more pleasant.

The following two articles are not beginners options. Have fun using them.

Test it first with VirtualBox. All explained in the link below.
Virtualbox installation and usage.

An admin tinkering delight. Not to be trifled with if you’re not happy inside configurable options. handle with care.